S & W M&P40 TS - BLACK

In 2005, the US manufacturer Smith & Wesson brought out the M&P40 in its Military & Police line, now Umarex is offering a licensed CO2 version of the .40 S&W. The magazine holds 19 BBs in .177/4.5 mm. With its’ black polymer frame and blue metal slide the pistol has a solid, heavy feel and delivers a realistic blowback effect.


S&W M&P40

In a reaction to changing military and police requirements, Smith&Wesson® reactivated its traditional Military and Police line and expanded it considerably. The CO2 version of the M&P has a DAO trigger mechanism and is capable of rapid fire thanks to its optimum hand position. With its metal slide and original surface texture this replica feels just like the original.

S& W M&P 45

The M&P™ Model 45 has been added to the extraordinarily successful Smith&Wesson® Military & Police series. In addition to its Fast Action system and 8-shot capacity, this replica has an especially practical feature. The 12 g CO2 capsule can be changed quickly and easily by pulling down the dummy magazine floorplate, the backstrap then pops open, allowing the capsule to be inserted. Shooters can choose between Double and Single Action mode.

S&W M&P R8

When Smith & Wesson® brought out a new edition of its Military & Police line, it also updated the revolver series. Here the company demonstrated its innovative spirit, equipping the R8 with a tactical rail and increasing the cylinder capacity. This replica features a high muzzle energy and the capsules can be changed extremely fast. Shooters will also find it easy to load and handle.


Smith&Wesson® is synonymus with big American revolvers. In recent years innovative models – for sport, hunting and tactical use – have attracted considerable attention. With its unusual contours, the Model 327 TRR8 casts a fascinating spell. Of special interest are the authentic spare cartridges, each of which accommodates a 4.5 mm BB. The speedloader, which is supplied as standard is a very useful accessory. It allows the cylinder of the Model 327 TRR8 to be loaded in a matter of seconds.

S&W 586

The Smith&Wesson® Model 586 CO2 revolvers are authentic replicas of the legendary original and match it in weight, handling and trigger characteristics. Full metal. Interchangeable barrels in 4″ & 6″ available. Drop safety. Sights adjustable for windage and elevation.

S&W 586 6"