Steady-Aim gun rest simplifies sighting in weapons or performing routine cleaning and maintenance. It has a heavy duty 1.5-inch steel construction and smooth precise micro elevation adjustment. The large central elevation adjustment dial provides a -5 to +20-degree angle range of movement getting users on target in almost any range position. An anti-vibration bag securely holds a rifles forearm and leather sling cradles the stock. Anti-slip rubber feet convert to spikes for on-the-ground shooting.

    • Patented quick-drop locking system
    • Anti-vibration bag securely holds firearm
    • Sling tightly cradles stock
    • Feet adjust from rubber to spiked metal feet


Constructed of rugged aluminium, Porta-Aim gun rest provides stable shooting support in an easily portable device for the fast-action hunter. Porta-Aim enables users get on target stay therewith a 360-degree swivelling bag.

  • Quick height adjustment
  • Compact design
  • Centre column adjustment ring


This sturdy fully adjustable benchrest provides an affordable means to rest a rifle for cleaning, routine maintenance and shooting applications.

It features fully adjustable legs, support rods and the rear is vertically adjustable for change in elevation.

The steel construction holds the rifle steady. It features a matt black weatherproof finish.

When in use the rifle butt and stock are protected by rubber insulation on the supporting ‘Y’ shaped rests.