Mimics the movements of a wounded rodent or bird. Small collapsible design. Realistic fur with flaring white tip tail. Adjustable speed dial.


 single box kit containing Raspy Coaxer call, Wind Checker and a Camouflage Mesh Face Mask.


From the distress squeal of a young squirrel to the chatter of fox and grey squirrel, this call does it all. Reproduces all five calls of the grey squirrel and fox squirrel’s language.


The Pheasant call is easy to use. In the early mornings, the call can be used to entice a cock pheasant into giving away his location by answering with a cackle. When you have moved into gun range, use an excited raspy series of cackles, to flush the cock pheasant out for a clear shot.

  • ~ Classic, hardwood barrel for loud, yet true tones
  • ~ Specially designed reed for super-loud and raspy cackles
  • ~ Great for locating and flushing cock pheasants


Our #1 turkey locator! A perfect way to entice a spring gobbler into giving away his location is to sound like a crow. With the Power Crow?, you can do just that. Then you can move closer and attempt to lure the gobbler into range. The Power Crow? is also perfect for calling and hunting crows. If you have room for only one locator call, this should be it. The Power Crow? is the LOUDEST crow call available.

  • Loudest locator available
  • Can be used as a turkey locator call or a crow hunting call


The Raspy Coaxer? is two calls in one. It creates a combination of long range screams and close range coaxes by reproducing the scream of a rabbit and the whines and whimpers of injured rodents. To make the Rabbit-Scream, blow into the mouthpiece and cover the Rodent Coaxer? voice hole. To make the Rodent-Scream, cover the end of the barrel and blow.

  • ~ Two calls in one.
  • ~ Reproduces Screams of Rabbits or Squeaks of Rodents


The hands free option of the Still? Jackrabbit Call enables you to reproduce whines, whimpers and screams of a jackrabbit while having your gun ready. This call is also very versatile: blow hard to call predators at long range, blow softly for close range predators.

  • ~ Hands-free option
  • ~ Reproduces whines, whimpers, and screams of a jackrabbit in distress
  • ~ Versatile: blow hard to call predators at long-range, blow softer for close-range calling


The Still? Mouse Squeaker is great for attracting predators close because it reproduces the sounds of field mice and other rodents. The hands free option lets you keep your gun up and ready. The perfect close range coaxer!

  • ~ Hands-Free option lets you keep your gun up and ready
  • ~ Reproduces the sounds of field mice and other rodents
  • ~ Great for attracting predators close


The Mouse Squeeze? is so simple to operate that anyone can use it on their first try. Because you never blow on it, there’s no moisture to freeze it up. It is very effective when predators are at a close range and need a little more coaxing to close the deal. You will be glad you have this easy-to-use call on your next hunt.

  • ~ 100% FREEZEPROOF!
  • ~ Easiest call ever! Just pick it up and squeeze
  • ~ Great close-range coaxer
  • ~ Requires minimal hand movement


Staying downwind is the most important part of your hunt. If he catches your scent, it’s over. With the Wind Checker?, checking the air and wind currents is a sure thing. Simply pop the flip-top up and squeeze, to check the air and wind to get a minute-by-minute update on where your scent is headed. Whether stalking or selecting the best spot for your stand placement, the Wind Checker? checks the wind every time.

  • ~ A perfect mist of unscented powder gives minute-by-minute update on wind direction and your scent