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Tetra Gun Universal Pistol Maintenance Kit, Includes Tetra Gun Grease (10g), Tetra Gun Lubricant (1 oz.), Tetra Gun Cleaner Degreaser (4 fl. oz.), Nylon Twist Bore Brush (9mm); 25xTapered-tip Swabs, Box of cotton patches - 2.25" square, Double-ended Nylon Brush

Everything the Pistol Shooter Needs, in One Kit!

Tetra Gun is proud to offer the ultimate in convenience for handgun shooters: the Tetra Gun Pistol Kit. The Pistol Kit is the perfect 'sidearm' for new and experienced handgun shooters alike!

Pistol Kit Contains:

  • Tetra Gun Grease (10g)
  • Tetra Gun Lubricant (1 fl.oz.)
  • Tetra Gun Cleaner Degreaser (4 fl.oz.)
  • Double-ended Nylon Brush
  • Nylon twist bore brush (9 mm)
  • Tapered-tip cotton swabs
  • Cotton Patches (2.5" square)