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Super Molichop Lite has been totally re – formulated to contain vitamins and minerals.
With an RRP of under £8.95. Lite is a cost effective fibre feed complete with vitamins and minerals plus Biotin and Magnesium.
Lightly coated in an appetising low sugar apple flavouring Super Molichop Lite is extremely palatable.
Molichop Lite is suitable for laminitics, good doers and those on a weight loss programme.
Inclusion of Biotin
By helping to maintain the laminae of the hoof Biotin has been shown to noticeably improve hoof quality.
Addition of Magnesium
Certain breeds of horses and ponies such as the hardy native types are more likely to become overweight. Such horses tend to have fatty deposits along the crest and at the base of the tail. Research has shown that there is a link between these fat deposits and insulin resistance. However, Magnesium has been shown to aid insulin activity and as a result reduce the abnormal fatty deposits.
When fed Magnesium the majority of horses and ponies appear calmer. This can be advantageous not only whilst competing but if turnout is restricted due to the risk of laminitis.